On this page we will collect lot of rare drivers for Windows machines that are hard to find on internet these days. There are a lot of 10+ years old PC’s that are still usable, but there is no support on manufacturer’s web sites or anywhere else. We hope you will find this page usefull and link to us.

Samsung NP355 AMD USB 3.0 rare drivers for Windows 7 64-bit. This driver can be used on many other laptops if they have the same embedded USB 3.0 controller. It is also known as Ati Hudson USB XHCI Controller.

Download AMD USB 3.0 host controller driver for Samsung NP355 laptop. Device’s hardware id:


You can also install this driver for USB controllers without &REV_3 at the end of ID. Pack contains some chipset and graphics driver for AMD in form of Catalyst driver.

How to find device’s hardware ID to install rare drivers for Windows?

In this article we will show you how to find hardware ID (identification) of any device in Windows. This is applicable to Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8.

Right click on My Computer, click on Manage, then right click on device you want to install. Click on Properties, Details tab, and under Property choose Hardware IDs.

For Windows 10 and 11 right click on start, then choose Manage and then follow the same procedure as for earlier versions of this Microsoft OS.

How to find hardware id for drivers for Windows

Usually there are few id’s for every device, but most important is first from the top or second one. Just right click on it, Copy, and then Paste on Google to find rare drivers for Windows. We can recommend only few driver sites, because all other are not free, has viruses or ask you to register. Here we go:

driverpack.io – don’t use auto installer or it will install junkware stuff.

driverguide.com – very old site full of rare drivers.

drivers.softpedia.com – good choice of drivers and programs.

How to protect your PC from viruses?

There are many fake driver sites with infected files that look like ordinary drivers. Before downloading any program or driver or even visiting unknown web sites, it is recommended to have installed a good antivirus program. We recommend AVG Antivirus for slower computers, and Avast Antivirus for faster PC’s. They offer totally FREE versions of top quality antivirus that you can use for one year and then just activate free version again. If you like them, you can buy full version with some additional protection.

Here are usefull links for antivirus software: avast.com and avg.com .

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