Laptop Clinic is a computer repair shop situated in New Belgrade, Serbia. We can fix almost anything on laptop or desktop computers, networks and servers. Replacing displays, hard disks, SSD’s, keyboards, batteries etc. is easy job for us. Our main focus is to maintain personal computers and servers in small companies in Belgrade. We support all major brands like HP, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Acer and others.


Common computer problems and fixes

The laptop screen is broken.

No problem, we have standard laptop screens from 10.1 to 18.4 inch and we can replace them usually the same day. You can choose new one or ask if we have a used laptop display.

The laptop turns on but there is nothing on screen.

Probably there is a problem with graphic chip or chip set, corrupted BIOS or memory module/slot. We can fix motherboard, replace chips, reprogram BIOS.

The laptop doesn’t turn on.

Check power adapter, try with another one, try to pull out the battery and press power button for 5 seconds without adapter connected. If this does not help, bring the laptop to our shop so we can do diagnostics and tell you exactly what is the problem and price.

Spilled liquid on the keyboard.

Keyboard must be replaced, but most important is to immediately pull out the battery and the power cord and flip laptop backwards. Do not power it on, because liquid can not evaporate in a week or so. We have a lot of keyboards for many laptop models and others can be ordered usually for the next day.

The laptop overheats and turns off.

Usually, there is a lot of dust inside cooling system, so chips can not cool properly and they overheats. Laptop must be disassembled and cleaned in detail, replaced thermal paste and repaired fan if needed. If the fan is broken, we can replace it.

The laptop turns off if charger cable is moved.

There can be 2 problems, DC connector inside laptop, and connector on the charger / adapter. First step is to try with another charger, if problem continues, DC in laptop is broken. We can also replace charger cable or you can buy another laptop charger, too.

System can not boot.

If laptop is stuck at first screen (BIOS) or resets when booting system, probably there is a problem with hard disk. Sometimes this can be fixed, but most of times hard disk have to be replaced with copying data and reinstalling system. Very often the problem is addressed to failed Windows 10 update.

Hard disk is broken, lost data.

Data recovery is one of our main tasks in our division and we can fix about 75% of all problems with hard disks, using specialized tools and software. Data recovery takes much time, so this is usually done in few days.

Screen issues when touching screen.

If there are some lines on the screen when touching or moving display cover, it is a problem with flat LCD cable. This is not a big problem, we can usually replace it next day.

Broken top cover or housing.

Mostly this can be fixed if there are no missing parts. We replace hinges and fix plastic case and covers. If this is not possible, motherboard and all parts have to be disassembled and put into new housing.

You have other problem with your laptop? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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